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I cannot for the life of me solve this. Maybe one of you can help?

The solubility of N2 in blood at 37 degrees C and at a partial pressure of 0.8atm is 5.6 X 10-4mol/L. A deep-sea diver breathes compressed air with the partial pressure of nitrogen equal to 4.0atm. Assume the the total volume of blood in the body is 5.0L. Calculate the amount of nitrogen gas release (in liters) when the diver returns to the surface of the water, where the partial pressure of nitrogen is 0.8atm.
let c be the concentration i.e. moles/litre

now as the body temp remains constant(assume)

then p/c=constant

new concentration = 4*5.6x 10^-4/0.8

=28 x 10^-4

amt of N2 released = (28-5.6) x 5 x 10^-4
=0.0112 moles

assuming NTP volume 22.4*.0112 = 250.88 mL

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