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Homework Help: Chemistry Homework

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    2H2+O2=2H2O+242kJ (HEAT)
    -How many grams of H2 gas are required to produce 2.21x103 kJ of heat?
    -How many grams of H2 gas are required to react with 785 gm of O2 gas?
    -If 300 gms of O2 gas and 75 gms of H2 gas are mixed and burned what is the limiting reactant?
    -How many grams of H2O are produced in question above?

    please help
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    Welcome to the forums. Please note that you are required to show working before we can help you. So, do you have any thoughts?
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    i have no idea
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    Remember that everything in a chemical equation is a ratio, including energy.

    If 2 moles of H2 gives you 242kJ, what mass of H2 gives you 242kJ? Now what mass of H2 do you need for your desired amount of energy?
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    do i multiply H2 mass by 2210? is 2 the mass of H2?
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    Yes the mass of H2 is 2, don't you have a periodic table of elements? What TMM was trying to say is that if you have 2 moles of H2 that gives 242 KJ. How many moles would give you 2.21x103 kJ. It's just a simple ratio
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    thank u, TMM and ace123
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