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Chemistry - hydrogen bond

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    just a simple question.
    can CH3- C=O - CH3 molecules form hydrogen bond with H2O?
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    What! A chemistry question!

    Depends on what definition of H-bonding is used: some folks restrict H-bonding strictly to interactions between ROH moities (water is the simplest of these); others consider any dipole-dipole interaction involving H in one of the dipoles to be H-bonding (the case you present).

    The first definition yields fairly constant "bond energies," whereas the second wanders all over the dipole-dipole interaction map. For instance, chloroform-acetone, is it an H-bonding effect, or dipole-dipole interaction, that gives you an azeotrope? If this is for a class, bow to the instructional opinion --- hair splitting over these kinds of definitions is a huge waste of time.
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    CH3 - C = O - CH3 How do you call this compound. Are you sure that you’ve placed bonds correctly?

    Well there’s specific difference between hydrogen and electrostatic bonds (like dipole-dipole) , hydrogen bond has partly electron bond nature, eg. H2O...H2O strength of hydrogen bond originate, beside dipole interaction, from electrons delocalized between these two molecules (7% electron nature) ... You can determine this from calculations (as I did not knowing it before), or it’s much easier if you have at home X-ray diffraction machinery.
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