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Chemistry In Physics

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    Hey all, if I want to get a degree in Physics do I have to take chemistry in university, because I suck at it (I have an 83% in chemistry).
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    Almost certainly, though it may depend on the school. My university requires two semesters of general chemistry.
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    You have an 83.. but you suck at it?

    Wow, by those standards, I suck at most of my major.
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    I'm in the 9th grade so that's pretty bad for my class.
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    This is why I am took AP Chemistry...once and for all get rid of it
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    I fi take AP chemistry do I still have to take it in university?
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    Depends on how well you do on the AP test and the specific college's requirements.
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    What he said!
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    Yea you will need to take chemistry. I wouldn't really worry that you "suck at it." There will be some challenges on the way to a physics degree and I would say that freshmen chemistry is not a big deal. If you are really worried, wait to take it if possible. Once you have conquered some upper level physics classes, freshmen chem will be a relatively easy A.
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