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Chemistry Kinetics help

  1. Jul 8, 2016 #1
    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
    Hydrolysis of ethyl lactate

    Determine the value of the rate constant for the hydrolysis of ethyl lactate from the following data.

    Mass of ethyl lactate (grams): 0.5956
    Concentration of stock HCl solution (M): 0.01023

    Standardization titration volumes (of NaOH):

    Run Vi (mL) Vf(mL)
    1 0.60 15.58
    2 15.58 30.66
    3 30.66 45.66

    Kinetics data:
    Run Reaction time (seconds) Vi(mL) Vf(mL)
    0 0
    1 308 1.72 4.32
    2 742 4.32 8.88
    3 1303 8.88 14.84
    4 1910 14.84 21.66
    5 2550 21.66 29.06

    Rate constant = ?????

    2. Relevant equations
    equations are below

    3. The attempt at a solution
    the rate equation is -d[OH-]/dt = k[OH-][EtL]

    but I'm not sure how to find the concentration of OH and the concentration of Ethyl lactate is 0.01203

    and then a = 1/2[OH-]o + [Etl]o
    1/a-x - 1/a = kt
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    What are the titrations for? What do they determine?

    OH- is just a catalyst and its concentration doesn't change during the hydrolysis, so your rate equation can't be right.
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    This is really not set out clearly enough to understand or help with.
    What are Vi, Vf? What is measured how?
    Is this acid catalysis?
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