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Chemistry or physics: what to study for biophysics or neuroscience?

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    I am interested in both physics and chemistry and I am going to choose my undergraduate studies in the next two days. A bachelor's degree in my country lasts three years and there is no major/minor option (one can study physics OR chemistry). I would love to get a master's deegre in biophysics or in neuroscience but apparently, here in Europe, you can get to these fields studying physics as well as chemistry.
    Considering the masters' curricula I have read so far, molecular biophysics concerns mainly quantum and physical chemistry (as in http://w3.dbb.su.se/~barth/masterBP/MasterBPcourses.html [Broken], for instance).
    Chemistry seems a closer and faster approach to neuroscience (neurochemistry, neurobiology).

    Should I consider a degree in chemistry (focused on physical chemistry) or in physics?
    I fear I could lose too much mathematics and physics by choosing chemistry, hence I will not be able to be a "complete" biophysicist. On the other hand chemistry seems more suitable for my future interests.

    Can anyone help me to figure it out?
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