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Chemistry pressure of gas problem

  1. Jan 13, 2013 #1
    1. A vessel that contains a gas has two pressure gauges attached to it. One contains liquid mercury, and the other an oi lsuch as dibutyl phthalate. The difference in levels of mercury in the two arms of the mercury gauge is observed to be 9.50 cm.Given

    density of mercury =13.60 g cm-3
    density of oil = 1.045 g cm -3
    acceleration due to gravity = 9.806 m s-2

    (a) What is the pressure of the gas?
    (b) What is the difference in height of the oil in the two arms of the oil pressure gauge?

    2. Pressure = density * g * h

    3. for part a, do i find the pressure of the gas by using P=pgh and just plugging in the density of mercury, the height difference, and the gravitational constant?

    and can i just use that answer to find the difference in height of the oil by using P=pgh with P=the pressure from a, g, and p=the density of oil?
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    If I understand the problem correctly - yes.
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