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Homework Help: Chemistry problems Moles

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    Hi, can some one pleas tell me how to do these questions? Thanks.

    How many atoms of C are in a mixture containing 0.237 mol of CO2 and 2.38 mol of CaC2?

    calclate the following
    the mass (g) of one atom of xenon
    the mass (g) of one mole of xenon atoms
    the number of atomic mass units in one gram
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    One mole of a substance is mass (in grams) of the material which contains 6.022 E23 atoms or molecules of that substance, where the number of grams is given by the atomic or molecular mass.

    See - http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/kinetic/idegas.html#c4

    Thanks ksinclair13 - it occurred to me this afternoon that I had written E22 instead of E23.
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    Avogadro's number is 6.022 x 1023.
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