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Homework Help: Chemistry problems

  1. Apr 25, 2008 #1
    I have three problems that I need help with solving. I cant seem to get the right answer for them.

    1) What is the formal charge on each of the atoms in HOFO?

    2)What is the lewis structure of SiCl_2Br_2?

    3)What is the electron do structure of CHClO?

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    HOFO can be written as a neutral species, I think.
    H-O-F=O with two lone pairs on Fluorine

    The central atom of SiCl2Br2 is Si, and its geometry is tetrahedral, with no lone pairs.

    The electron dot structure is hard to input here, so I'll describe it.
    C with a single bond (:) to H and a single bond (:) to Cl
    The same C with a double bond (::) to O
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    Not likely. F with a double bond and 2 LP would violate the octet rule as written above. There is no double bond in HOFO.

    Oxoacids as in HXO where X = Group 15, 16, 17 non-metal , X is the central atom.
    H is bonded to an O not the X

    Think of HClO4, HClO3, HClO2 (HFO2) and HClO

    The central atom is usually the element with a subscript of 1 (lonely one) but when it is ambiguous as in CHClO, then C (or Group 4 element as in SiCl2Br2) is usually the central atom as it fills its octet with 4 covalent bonds.
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