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Chemistry problems

  1. May 14, 2010 #1
    There are books with challeging questions in math and in Physics. However, I've never heard of problem books (challeging problem books) in Chemistry. My main source of problems in chemistry are chemistry olympiad questions.

    Do you know any challeging chemistry problems book?
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    There was a very interesting book with questions that I have used back in eighties during physical chemistry course. It was already old (judging from how these books looked like they were published at least ten years earlier in Poland, and I think it was a translated book, so original must have been even older). As far as I remember most questions (or perhaps even all questions) there were taken from some original publication, so you were given experimental values as determined by original authors and you were asked to calculate whatever they have calculated. Unfortunately, it was almost 30 years ago and I don't remember neither title nor authors. But I will ask.
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    OK, I am almost sure that's the book:

    Problems in physical chemistry,
    Sillén, Lars Gunnar
    New York, Prentice-Hall, 1952
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    Thanks Borek!
    I couldn't find it though.:frown:

    Does anybody else know any other challenging chemistry book?
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    try IChO problems
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    Well, IChO and IChO preparatory problems are hard, but I don't find them as creative as Irodov is in Physics. When they're hard, it's usually because they demand a specific fact you don't know or they involve a lot of calculations.
    In fact, the tests which select students who will represent my country at IChO are more creative than most IChO problems... they usually demand more creativity than knowledge - just the kind of problems I like.
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