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Homework Help: Chemistry - Quantities in Chemical Reations

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    The Haber's process facilitated the production of chemical fertilizers such as ammonium nitrate and has a dramatic impact on crop yields. Since the 19th century, average crop yield per hactare have increased almost five fold for cron and eight-fold for wheat. However, runoff from fertilized fields is a source of water pollution. Also, the high cost of chemical fertilizers has driven some farmers into debt.

    Conduct research on the Haber's process including the ingredients and specific conditioners for the reaction. Evaluate the costs ad benifits of technology in this situation.

    Above is the topic for my quiz on Monday.
    I did some research and found this site:
    Not sure it's going to help or not, I basicly don't understand anything about this so called "Haber's process".
    ...What to quiz about anyway :confused: ?

    Thank you for reading this long question, hope someone here can help me out^^
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