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Chemistry Question

  1. Jul 7, 2004 #1
    "How does the PE of the activated complex compare to that of the reactants?"
    anyone know~~~ ><
    plzz~~~ thankyou in advance! :wink:
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    What do you think ? What does the verb 'activate' suggest to you ?

    Also, what do you know about the stability of an activated complex, and how is stability related to PE ?
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    the PE is higher than the reactants. The activated complex needs more energy in order to be 'activated'.
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    more activation energy yields an exothermic reaction while the less act. energy gives you the endothermic reaction.
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    1+1=1, I think u mean the more potential energy in the reactants than in the products yields an exothermic reaction and vice versa. Activation energy is always more than potential energy of reactants. If it wasnt, the reaction would just go on spontainouesly and never stop.
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    Not true. Thermicity has nothing to do with Activation Energy.
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