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Chemistry Question

  1. May 6, 2005 #1
    Hello everyone.
    here i come back again.
    I have a homework question that i really need help with. the question says:
    How many nodal surfaces are there for a 2s orbital and for a 3px orbital?

    There is another question that says: What evidence indicates that the octet structures might be more stable than others?

    I am wating for ur respose...please respond to me as soon as possible.......... i really need ur help.
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    First question has recently been asked and answered here, due a search. Second question is some how resonating with me ;)
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    We can not respond until you post your thoughts first...
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    ok i think i got it

    for the first question...i think a 2s orbital has ero nodal surfaces and a 3px orbital has 3 or 1 nodal surfaces.....i am not really sure

    for the second question is it when the atom doesn't react with any other atom because it is stable.?? for ex. noble gases?? :confused:
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    For your first question, this website should give you straightforward visual answers:http://www.shef.ac.uk/chemistry/orbitron/AOs/3s/index.html
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    Very good. Chemical inertness is definitely evidence of the stability that comes from the octet configuration.
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    please inform me.

    Thanx for answering my second question. I was wondering if u could tell me if my answer to the 1st question was right. please tell me if it is right or wrong cuz i am not sure abt it.. :uhh:
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