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Chemistry Questions

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    Hey guys here are two questions that I am completely stumped at... I got no idea because I never done the experiments in class and I am really lost in how to answer it... Hope you guys can help me...

    Well here are the following questions.

    1) Describe how you performed an experiment to measure the heats of combustion of various alkanols. Draw a diagram of the equipment. List the variables and the possible sources of error

    2) Describe what you would see if a piece of magnesium was placed in copper sulfate solution. Explain why this happens in terms of electron transfer and include two half equations and the overall chemical equation.


    3) Identify the functional group that allows certain hydrocarbons to react with the bromine water? What type of reaction is it?>>

    Hopefully any question you guys can help will be helpful..
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    I'm sorry, but we can not help you unless you show us your own efforts first.

    Furthermore, if the first and/or second question requires that you have done an experiment in class, then we'd be helping you cheat if we tell you the outcome of such an experiment.
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