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Chemistry Solubility Question

  1. Jan 17, 2007 #1
    The question asks if Cu2+ is soluble with Cl- or not. I'm looking at my solubility chart and it says Cl- and Cu+ are low solubility. But Im wondering, does it matter if it is Cu+ or Cu2+? Are they both treated the same and therefore low solubile, or is just Cu+ low soluble???
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    Can you write down the original question EXACTLY as it was given to you?

    The solubility product is a strong function of the solvent - you can't speak of solubility without specifying the solvent. If unspecified, one must assume it is in water. Further, there are no absolutes in solubility (everything is soluble to some extent - that extent is defined by the solubility product).

    Do you know what a solubility product is?
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    yes i do but it is not necessary in this question. I will show you a copy of the table we get.

    http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/exams/search/grade12/english/release/exam/0608CH_p.pdf [Broken]

    (page 24)

    Notice how the table has Cu+ on it, but not Cu+2? I was just wondering if both of these ions with different combining capacities are treated as the same thing when determining whether it will be soluble or low soluble.
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    I can't find the question there, but I do see the table.

    No, you can not assume that Cu(II) will have similar solubility to Cu(I). The charge density is much higher, and hence the hydration energy is also greater, making the ion more soluble.

    Look up Latimer's equation for the empirical dependence of solubility on charge and size of an ion.
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