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  1. 1. Temperature effects on Solubles

    Alright, it's easy, but I'm not the brightest bulb and this question had me stumped. Choices in white are the ones I have a strong feeling of being wrong.

    As temperature rises, solids generally become more soluble in water, but gases become less soluble. If a soft drink contains high concentrations of sugar and carbon dioxide, which of the following may be expected to happen if it is cooled down?

    1. Sugar may precipitate out.
    2. Gas bubbles may form and produce foam.
    3. Water may evaporate rapidly.

    • A only
    • B only
    • A and B only
    • B and C only
    • A and C only
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    I don't see a, b or c... only 1, 2 and 3. Is this a trick question?
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    Maybe the question is imprecise. Possible thought is how does the sugar affect freezing point? Would sugar precipitate at the concentration used, or would the soft drink just freeze at its depressed freezing point?
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