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Homework Help: Chemistry solution colors question

  1. Jan 21, 2008 #1
    I was looking through some AP Chem materials and tehre were a lot of questions regarding colors of solutions.

    Is there some handy dandy guide I can use to figure out the colors of various aqueous solutions? and also the colors of various compounds when the burn?
    We really don't touch upon this in my ap chem class and my book doesnt really speak of it. so i'm not sure where to find this information.

    also for anyone who took the AP Chemistry exam, what was the hardest part of the exam?
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    errmm transition metal salts in solution produce coloured compounds. this is the only one i know.

    you will learn the colours when you practice... this is how i learned them.
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    Don't you mean Cd?
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    awww i was thinking about Cu2O which is a solid (the precipitate from benedict's). i messed up.

    thnks for pointing out, i'm gonna correct that.
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    Interesting, most Cu solutions produce blue, But Cupric Oxide makes red. I wonder why that is. I suppose copper is red, but most Cu base minerals llike azurite are blue or green. Hmm, I think I just got myself confused.
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