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Chemistry Student

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    Hello Physics Forums!

    My name is Georg, or TheChemist_ as I've called myself here and I am indeed a chemistry student from Germany.
    Well some of you may be asking why would anyone study chemistry and I'll tell you why: For me chemistry is the ideal mixture of studying nature and math. It combines application and complexity of modern science, it was love at first sight :D
    It is however my first semester studying, but so far I've enjoyed it and haven't had any problems with math or chemistry or physics. But to clear some minor problems considering physics, I've decided to sign up here. I apologize in advance if I make some mistakes here and there when it comes to grammar or vocabulary, english is not my native language but I really like it nevertheless.
    I hope we will have a good time and you all out there will be able to help me out with my queries!
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    Hi TheChemist_. :welcome:

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    Hi! :smile::biggrin:
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