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Homework Help: Chemistry/The equilibrium number/ I really need help

  1. Sep 21, 2009 #1
    1. N2 (g) + 3H2 (g) <===> 2NH3 (g)
    initial 2mol ----- 4mol -------------- 0
    change -x ------ -y ---------------- +z
    End 1.14

    2 mol N2 mixed with 4 mol H2 in 0.4 L container. At equilibrium 1.14 of N2 remain

    There were 2 other questions too:

    What is Y and what is X. I solved those but I cant do the rest, my answers are wrong

    1) What is the equilibrium number of moles of hydrogen?

    2) What is z, that is, how much ammonia is produce?

    3) What is the equilibrium constant, Keq?

    I tried to answer these questions over and over but it turns out wrong. I need hel soon, I'm stuck .please help
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    I am not sure what the quastion is - were you given the ICE table, or have you made it on your own, assigning x, y and z to different reagents?

    x, y and z are connected by stoichiometry of the reaction. For example - for every mole of N2 that reacted, 3 moles of NH3 are produced, thus z=3x.

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