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Chemistry vs. Electronic Engineering

  1. Apr 29, 2009 #1
    I applied for both chemistry and electronic engineering because I like both of these fields. In fact I like loads of different science fields I just picked these 2 cuz I can see where Im going with them.

    When I tell people I've applied for chemistry they tell me thats a good idea but when I tell them I also applied for electronic engineering they all tell me "just go for chemistry". Most people seem to think electronic engineering isn't an advanced course that requires brains but think that chemistry is. Is electronic engineering not as advanced as chemistry? Would a degree in chemistry be harder to get and better to have than 1 in electronic engineering? Personally I thought both were about the same level. I listed chemistry above electronics so if I'm accepted to both it'll be chemistry but I still like the idea of electronic engineering I wonder why everyone I know has the impression that chemistry is much more worth pursuing.
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