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Chemisty or physics?

  1. Apr 23, 2007 #1
    im in eith grade right now and reading brian greene's second book and it sounds more interesting but im wondering if chemistry would be better for a career and what fields are the most interesting
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    sorry was in a rush and spelt eighth wrong
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    which career is better? that question is a bit subjective. It depends on your personal interests and many other factors.

    However... if you are talking about getting some cash and finding a job with more ease, if you're into that kind of stuff as being the #1 factor of your career, go with chemistry, but I would very strongly recomend against making your choice based solely on the $$money$$. It's a sad day when people start turning away from things that they love just because of the money. I know that will probably a good size challenge for me once I reach that point, but there are ways around it, and it would be better to do soemthing you love and maybe give up a bit of financial security than to get into something with alot of money and hate it. (I hope this last bit doesnt start a debate, i am just warning him of how some people just blindly go into a field because they think its not going to be too demanding but will get them lots of $$$ in their wallet at the end of the day)

    You've still got a few more years to get into this question, I would suggest you read some more on physics, get some research done on chem, keep your mind open, and ask yourself this question again later down the road.
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