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'Chemtrails' causing Morgellons disease?

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    I dont subscribe to believeing the chemtrail conspiracy (as its based on a false premise that all contrails should instantly dissipate), but the other day i was walking home when it started raining and my arms started itching, i looked at them and they were covered in red blobs and rashes. I suspected acid rain, or something similar, but i've read the actual acidity of acid rain is no where near high enough to significantly irritate your skin within seconds.

    Then i saw this disease online, Morgellons disease. Morgellons disease is mysterious and controversial as it is not yet recognized by the medical community, as in the case of most newly emerging diseases, patients' symptoms are often dismissed as psychological by health care practitioners. It is a mysterious skin disorder characterized by disfiguring sores and crawling sensations on and under the skin. Although Morgellons disease isn't widely recognized as a medical diagnosis, experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are investigating reports of the condition.

    it said about it "The disease can be disfiguring and disabling, and it affects people of all age groups, including children. Multiple family members are often affected at the same time, and the disease appears to be spreading at an alarming rate. The number of families currently registered with the MRF is believed to represent a fraction of the true number of affected families."

    MP Norman Baker, using the FOI act, has got the british govenment to admit that it had up until 1979 conducted secret biological chemical warfare trials using the unsuspecting public as guinea pigs.
    http://people.tribe.net/348a0adc-d983-40b0-a873-816674073a11/blog/46462230-2ce0-492a-847d-a85a1a74b864 [Broken]
    http://www.archive.org/search.php?q...s AND firstCreator:C AND subject:"Chemtrails"
    what worries me slightly is they say the tests were carried out in southampton ..... which is where I live! thats not very conforting.

    some of best info on the disease is here:
    http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/morgellons-disease/SN00043 - that didn't confort me much as it says on the site "Consider various causes for your signs and symptoms, and follow your doctor's recommendations for treatment — which may include long-term mental health therapy." I am not going mad, that definately DID happen to my skin. Whether it actually was morgellons disease, or something completely unrelated, is a different issue, the fact is that something odd did definately happen to my skin for a day or so.

    this probably has a rational explanation, and i suspect i am linking two things that are not connected, but i have yet to see a decent explanation for Morgellons disease other than remote chemicals of some kind. Any ideas as to what else it could have been?
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    Maybe you didn't notice the itchy spots on your arms until the rain hit them? Sometimes I find that I don't notice mosquito bites etc until something disturbs them like rubbing my hand over them, then they begin to itch persistently.
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    Food for thought: I went to the doc a couple years ago with an itchy rash on my forehead and she diagnosed it as Contact Dermatitis. What that means is I came into contact with some chemical or organic irritant of unknown nature and origin. She gave me a lotion and said to come back if it didn't go away.

    It occured to me strong chemical skin irritant could be spread to a fair number of people if someone who had it on their hand touched a public doorknob. Each person who touches it after that can spread it to other parts of their body by touch, as well. Such a thing needn't be sprayed from planes to get passed around, and needn't be a secret government test, either.
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    i'm just glad it only lasted for a day whatever it was. I would agree with both previous posts, i cant actually be sure it was the rain that caused it or the rain that made me notice it. There are plentry of natural irritants aswell.

    I only thought of chemtrails coz where i live chemtrails are a well known rumour, due to some recent controversial publicity in the local news, however i am still not convinced that they are any more than just that, a rumour.
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    There are other false premises about the chemtrails hoax, such as the idea that a chemical could be spread over hundreds of miles from 35,000 feet up and still be concentrated enough to matter by the time it fell to the ground (if it ever even reached the ground)...
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    A friend has also reported lesions after being out in the rain. Since it has happened more than once the doctor suspects he has an allergy or sensitivity to something in the water.
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    Exogenesis is even more ludicrous than biogenesis. Get a life, so to speak . . .
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    Looking over other posts of yours here, it appears you're rather susceptible to hoaxes/frauds online. You may want to hone your skepticism when reading websites. There's good reason why mayo clinic's site suggests seeking mental health evaluation if you think you have morgellon's disease, and that's because there's no credible evidence it's a real disease...it's hard to tell if it's a complete hoax, or something started by a bunch of hypochondriacs/quacks.
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    This thread has at least two problems: First, it is assumed that the US is engaged in activity similar to what the Brits did. So the question was based on an assumed premise, which is expressly forbidden in the posting guidelines. It can be argued that I should have assigned a 3 point penalty for this, which is 30% of the way to being banned.

    Next, as Moonbear pointed out, it is an assumed premise that Morgellon's disease is a real disease, so that would be another three point penalty.

    Please review the posting guidelines carefully.

    Violations of the posting guidelines will not be overlooked again.
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