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News Cheney COS perjury trial begins

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    And for an honest and sobering statement on the integrity of those in the white house:
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    Oops, the title should be "begins", not "beings". Stupid fingers!
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    :rofl: and I thought you were referring to that crowd of lawyer media consultants who will hover about for the next several weeks filling the airwaves with babble.
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    The trial has revealed some interesting tid bits about how the press was used. It must be confusing for the two sides, press and administration, to decide who is the manipulator and who is the manipulatee.

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    Predictions on the verdict?

    Seemed like a pretty weak defense to me. According to the defense, everything hinges on Hannah saying Libby had a terrible memory and whether Russert's or Libby's account of their conversation was the accurate account. Even if the Russert conversation is a push, I don't think that argument takes into account that just about every other witness remembered things differently than Libby did.

    I'm expecting a guilty verdict.
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    guilty on 4 out of 5 counts
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