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Chenistry help

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    I an a older student that would like to go back to college. I want to teach myself basic chemistry before i go back. Could anybody recommend a book, tutoring software, or website that can help accomplish this task?
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    I read a series of books called "Chemistry as a second language" and "Organic chemistry as a second language" and both put the concepts in terms that anybody could understand. I cant remember the author but these books just made everything so simple that I finally got most of it.
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    Teaching yourself chemistry is dull and lacks the laboratory experience exercises. Attend a community college. If your mathematical development is low, study "Introductory Chemistry"; otherwise, try "Elementary Chemistry". None of them is a college transferrable course, but they are good in case you never studied Chemistry before.
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    Buy a used introductory college chemistry textbook and go through it. Use the internet and this forum if you have any difficulties. There is an amazing wealth of information on the internet and people willing to help if asked.

    This link is very helpful:

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