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Homework Help: Chern-Simons form of the Chern character

  1. Aug 10, 2015 #1
    So I'm working my way through Nakahara Geometry Topology and Physics. In exercise 11.4 of section 11.5.2 I'm tasked to show


    where the field strength is lie algebra valued
    [tex] \mathcal{F}_{ij}=\partial_{i}\mathcal{A}_j-\partial_{j}\mathcal{A}_i+[\mathcal{A}_i,\mathcal{A}_j] [/tex]

    this should be a straightforward bit of tensor algebra but I'm getting a factor of 2 discrepancy in the first term on the RHS


    whereas on the LHS


    what am I missing it's driving me crazy

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