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Chernobyl project

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    does anyone know how to find out more information on the Chernobyl project? (the steel dorm) i.e. which company is actually designing and dealing with it?

    Also, is there anyway to find out the current average radiation level?
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    The company building the new Sarcophagus is Novarka. Google can tell you more about them.

    As for the average radiation level, it depends on where you are in the exclusion zone. Average air background dose rate is actually lower than cities due to things like decreased air pollution. However the soil in the zone varies in degrees of contamination and you can get hotspots with significantly higher dose rates than typical background levels. As you get closer to the CNPP itself the air dose rate increases due to the gamma emission from reactor no 4.
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    Hi Shisnu,

    Thanks for the information!

    regarding the radiation level, I'm interested to find out the level around the red forest. Do you have any idea where I can gain such information? It would actually be really interesting to see the change in radiation level around the area.
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    I found this map (attached).
    Red Forest used to be to the West of the station. On the map you see the fallout track going in that direction, with contamination of more than 1000 Curies (37 TBq) per sq.km.

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    The map is amazing! thanks Nikkkom!
    Have you got any idea when the data on the map is referring to?
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    Current state of the Red Forest

    Red Forest: Liquidation

    Word of the liquidator.
    1R = 10 mSv
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