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Suggestion Chess overwhelms landmark and other threads

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    The other month Omcheeto showed the statistics for PF's Landmark game thread the most profilic game in the -then- brain teaser forums. I decided to keep log of that and I found the following:


    Apparantly a nice continously success, especiall the views per day increasing nicely but then the last period, a sudden collapse of the views per day. Why?

    When the game was in the brain teasers forum it had long periods when it had the last post and as a consequence it showed up in the main general discussion room as last post in the subforum, inviting visitors to take a look.

    But then some good reasons the forum layout was changed and also PF chess was installed. Currently PF chess is virtually always having the last post so nothing else will show up in the main general discussion sector anymore. So casual visitors wont find the landmark game anymore, unless explicitly looking for it. This is also true for other threads in the subforum.

    My suggestion is -if possible- to exclude the chess sub-sub forum from showing up as last post in the main GD section.
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    Or maybe people are just enjoying the chess game now and not spending time on other trivial threads.

    Threads do eventually die off and people do get tired of the same topic after a long time. If anything, the current thread arrangement has made the landmark game thread more visible...I didn't even know anyone was still playing it or that it existed until recently again since I didn't often go into the brainteasers. Now that those threads are in "fun and games" with other threads I do enjoy, I've seen it popping up again.
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    I’m not sure why quizzes and games are mixed in with photography threads anyway, but the answer to the op could just be the game itself might conversly be underwhelming. I can't say, I haven’t participated very recently and shan’t in the forseeable future, but of course there have been times when the game hasn’t interested me.

    At its best, it is a generous game where people share information they would hope would be fun and rewarding to discover. Broadly- personal involvement, significance, beauty, stories, considered challenges, unique quirks, and these sorts of things, all provoke interest. It is hard to say what makes a successful landmark with a rewarding discovery, and it is a diverse group to entertain, of course, but as far as harder ones go, a quick look shows Gel’s boulder would be at the sublime end of my scale.

    http://www.megalithic.co.uk/article.php?sid=18441 .

    I can’t speak for others, but the consideration and imagination Gel displayed would always entice me to join in if I could.

    Given this (and the length and duration of the thread), there are ways in which would enhance this considerate spirit. For instance, when landmarks are repeated or the linking is not properly understood, it would be sporting to offer that participant another chance. There would be other ways to be more inclusive, too, but this would be a start.
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