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Chess problem (mathematical)

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    There is a 64 square chessboard. A pawn is at some position on the checkboard. There are only two players on the checkboard: the pawn and king of opposing team. Imagine diagonals drawn from the pawn to the last rank on the chess board. Imagine a square formed by the ends of the diagonals. Prove that if King is outside the square, it can never stop the pawn from promotion (reaching the last rank).
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    N-queens contest next week.

    I think the proof has been provided since ages.
    I have a book of Capablanca (first part of XX century) that explains that.

    By the way, there is a contest next week for finding the solution to the "N queens" problem with N > 23 .
    Look at:
    http://www.etsi.org/plugtests/Upcoming/GRID/GRIDcontest.htm [Broken]

    " ...for the largest chessboard of dimension N, count the number of solutions for placing non-threatening N queens. The world record is for N=23, having 24,233,937,684,440 solutions. Winners are expected in the range of 24 to 27."

    Pure Java. Grid over the world.

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