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Chess with Python

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    I just started learning Python and I was wondering is it possible for a total beginnner to make a fairly decent chess game which could beat someone with a rating of 1700 or so ( that's my rating , lol :D ) .
    Edit: I actually have a second idea of making some kind of chatbot, that would talk to you . Would that be more realistic for a total beginner to create in 7 months? I even thought that this chatbot could have some kind of voice recognition or the other way around, that he could talk and i had to write my responses, but i think i might had just let my imagination wild for a while .. it may have something to do with the fact that i just finished watching Iron Man for the first time .d
    PS: Thank you! Looking forward to your reply!
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    It all depends on how much you program and learn about programming each day. Start small, with small goals. Make a text based game first, for example, instead of jumping straight into making a chatbot. Start simple.
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