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Homework Help: Chi-square method

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    I trying to complete an exercise, but I have the idea that it is completely wrong what I'm doing. I use Matlab to program the exercise, and that is not the problem.

    The exercise is:
    Part a looks like very easy, so that was not a problem to do. I have only no idea what they mean in part b. I have the formula:
    X^2=sum((O_i-E_i)^2/E_i with O_i the observed data and E_i the expectation value. But what will be E_i? An element of the possion dist. or something different?

    Second question is about the value of p^*. How can I calculate it? I have seen the definition p^*=P(D>=d|model is correct) where D is the difference between the model and the expectation value. But what is d? That should be a value for you think that the method is good... And if I have d and D, I have totally no idea how to calculate P^* :(

    Thanks for your answers and your time!
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    E_i can be anything you want; typically 0.

    Look at a Chi-sq table; the P* will be stated for the X^2 you have calculated.
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