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Chi Squared

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    for a lab report i have to perform a chi squared test... i have no idea how to interprete my results from that chi squared test

    I got c^2= .26 and its way under the 3.84 cap.... does that mean i accept the hypothesis or reject it... I get confused about this.... i got 32 and 28 for my two catagories and it should have been 50/50 so im slightly off.

    Please help...
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    You should reject the null hypothesis if your test statistic, [itex] \chi^2 [/itex], is larger than the cutoff. If it is smaller than the cutoff do not reject the null hypothesis (don't say accept the null).

    I'm not sure what you mean by your final sentence and "being slightly off".
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    Thanks for the input. He says he's figured it out now (OP is my brother).
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