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Chicken Curry

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    My chicken is marinating in curry paste/yogurt and I have the onions and tomato ready to add, but whats this the curry paste jar says I have to wait 24 hours for the marination process to complete I can't wait that long my stomach will eat itself from the inside out there must be a quicker way to do this!
    I thought that maybe microwave the stuff for a short time this would in effect heat the chicken pieces from the inside out? so when it cools it will suck in the marinating mixture has anybody got any ideas on this or am I about to give myself food poisioning ?
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    I would go for the food poisening! sod waiting that long just for a chicken curry! or you could just grab a microwaveable dinner from the supermarket.
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    Vacuum is the keyword here, but I guess you don't have a vacuum machine in the kitchen?
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    Yup im all out of vacuum machines and pressure vessels. Anyway to late now the goo is solidifying and even looks quite promising all I have to do now is heat it up again with the onions and tomatos :)
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