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Chicken Pox!

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    Well, my brother (21 years old), just found out he has the chicken pox for the first time. I had them when I was younger, so I have a less likely chance at getting them again.

    Is there anything that you can suggest that can help cure them quicker. The doctor did put him on one medicine, but we are planning on going to Cali in a day, so I want him to be able to go, even if he still kinda has them. I don't want to go on vacation without him. I did get some oatmeal bath stuff, it worked for me, when I was younger.
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    Aveeno oatmeal. And no holidays. You/he need/s to take this a little more seriously than if he were getting it as a kid.
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    I'd be concerned about his contagiousness and those that he would come in contact with on your travels. If airplane travel is involved, close quarters and all, I'd advise against it for the sake of those that might be infected.
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    If he just broke out, then your brother should probably stay home, as he might still be contagious.

    DO NOT USE ASPIRIN for someone who may have chickenpox. Use of aspirin has been associated with Reyes Syndrome. Ibuprofen has been associated with more severe secondary infections. Acetaminophen may be used.

    Aveeno oatmeal bath is what we used when the kids had chicken pox.
    http://www.aveeno.com/lineDetail.do?pid=8000 [Broken]

    Caladryl (topical diphenhydramine) lotion is also good for itchy spots.
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