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Child prodigies

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    I also wonder what proportion of prodigies actually end up with significantly more successful careers than non-prodigies
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    That is a good point.

    When children show a lot of talent and end up being pushed, you wonder what effect that will have on them emotionally and mentally in other ways.

    They might be pushed too hard and have some kind of breakdown or burnout completely.

    Terry Tao has written a lot of things on the subject of child prodigies (on his experience anyway), and there are some good lessons and insight that other "up and coming" prodigies and their parents, guardians, and teachers should be aware of.
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    I don't know if the statistic include those who have been 'trained or being pushed'. But I mean those naturally born geniuses like Mozart. (Mozart was not a scientist though :))
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    Mozart was "trained or pushed", though.
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