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Childhood's End

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    What might be a philosophical critique of Childhood's End, a 1957 book; might there be anything prescient for the future of our species?
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    Homo culturus?

    Might it be referring to the end of childhood for our species? That is, wherein the species might be more readily infused with uplifting aspects of cultural evolution? However human nature would seem unevolving, while cultural evolution seems to be taking off exponentially. Are we to be left behind? Is the next species in our dissent, a pure cultural (self sufficient and evolving software) one; Homo culturus? Which is stranger, science fiction, or a possible future scenario for us?
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    If anyone that hasn't read the book is interested, here is a brief synopsis.


    Moving to Philosophy.
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    un-evolving or just moving in a totally different direction

    in our ''wild state'' we needed to be fast or strong to fight or fly from animal dangers
    but now that is all past, and smart is far more important then fast or strong
    also charm or just cooperation is a key trait in a over crowded world
    so I think we are just evolving in new directions NOT un-evolving
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    Ok, the book is about Aliens taking over Earth and creating world peace and prosperity, but forbidding space exploration etc... I'm not going to recite the whole thing.

    Read the book or the synopsis so you understand the premise.
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    Interesting synopsis !!!!

    Towards the end it is equating merging of human consciousness with the cosmic consciousness (Overmind) with essentially death of the human race. Makes it sound like the Overmind is just a huge parasite that consumes civilizations and moves on....
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