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  1. Do you think that China will overtake the United States in Science and Technology within 25 years or so?
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    It is a possibility that should be strongly considered. Science and technology has enormous survival value. Selective extinction of competing factions can be accomplished without adverse consequences.
  4. :biggrin: Absolutely not if you have help from ET.
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    It depends on the kind of technology. In military technology they can probably do what the USSR did back in the cold war, stay equal by devoting enormous fractions of their economy to it. But you've got to remember they're converting to a sort of semi-free market, so they may show more dynamism that the Soviet Union did with its command economy.
  6. Isn't China a member of the WTO? It sounds like a push towards a free market. Then again, I've understood there is a quite big differences between urban and country areas. Merging those (Ie. modernizing the country side) would be a big challenge within the coming 25 years. Perhaps once that is done successfully US has more competition than now?
  7. I don't think China can do that in 25 years.
    Too much poor people, and most of them has little knowledge of science and technology except those that are in the cities, who only devote themselves to entertaining electronic devices.
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