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China Goes Nuclear

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    That's the most biased article I've ever seen in my life. Those idiots can't even relate a point where it needs relating. Sushi did NOT come from China. It came from Japan. That point they made was completely invalid.

    China has the right to develop its nuclear industry, in comparison to other countries. China doesn't start wars, and barely ever even participates in them. There's no need to critisize the government.

    ... That just made me mad >=(
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    That is exactly what I feel. China should have the right. Are they honestly ever going to start a war? I doubt it, everything they make basically goes to the U.S. If they attacked us, their economy would crumble with a quick embargo. They know better then to go to war with anyone else either, because we Americans always get involved. :tongue:
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    It kind of makes me think of the board game, Civilization.

    Often, when there's so much trading between two countries, you just can't afford to attack. When you do attack, you give up tons of income, lots of resources, and well... often you sour relations with their allies.

    It's not the easiest thing in the world to go to war, really. In fact, I remember still trading with someone I attacked in that game, 'cause it hurt his economy more, not to trade in the war. :) Just thought I'd point that out. China wouldn't be the only one suffering, US would too, quite a bit.
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    I agree. China has the next best thing after democracy, a purely rational, egoistic dictatorship. They will never start a nuclear war.

    The dangerous people are the idealists. Like the fundamentalists in Iran, the communists in Russia or the nazis in Germany. People who may be willing sacrifice themselves and their country to a nuclear war for their ideas.
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