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China hit and run case

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    http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/world/china-shocked-as-hit-run-toddler-ignored-by-18-passers-by/story-e6frg6so-1226169339307 [Broken]

    Scary that this sort of culture is rising as a world power...
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    I believe media might be missing something .. it is just not possible that two vehicles can hit and run over a toddler while passers-by ignore what happened. This is far worse than the New York (IIRC) case in which a homeless man bled to death.


    P.S. BBC doesn't have graphics warning however I found video very troubling. I noticed BBC edited the video for better reasons however I was reading this on cbsnews who didn't even bother to edit the video.
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    Re: What the heck is wrong with China?

    Whoops! I didn't notice your thread.
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    Re: What the heck is wrong with China?

    Honestly, I'm not a fan of China, but I could see this happening in an American city.
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    Re: What the heck is wrong with China?

    I really don't think so... I mean maybe with an adult, or a homeless person, but a child? You've got to be completely heartless or some kind of monster to leave a child to die in the street like that...
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    Re: What the heck is wrong with China?

    There was an interesting comment posted ... (somewhere, I can't remember where I saw it) regarding consequences for people in China who have helped in such a situation and then been charged with the incident, or had to pay for the damages, as there were insufficient witnesses or w/e, and I could also see this happening in Australia, in fact, incidents such as these have occurred. A quick google search reveals many incidents of hit+run/ignore although I can't find the one I vaguely recall.

    It turns my stomach. :(
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    Re: What the heck is wrong with China?

    I don't understand what that has to do here.

    About a year ago, when a homeless man died in a similar incident I recall linking to this video about people standing up to protect innocent victim on street,


    Edit: I just noticed OP your title is bit inappropriate.
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    Re: What the heck is wrong with China?

    I read the same thing, but I couldn't find it back. Apparently there are no "good Samaritan" laws there. The article I read earlier today sited an instance of a guy who gave an injured man a ride to the hospital, only to be charged with operating an unlicensed taxi.

    It is pretty unsettling to read about.
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    Re: What the heck is wrong with China?

    I thought it could have been really dark to notice the toddler or people might been throwing their garbage on the road frequently that you couldn't distinguish a small human body from litter as I said earlier:
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    I can't believe all these news agencies are attaching the video and that people actually go and watch it. The story alone is already bad enough.
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    I saw it a couple days ago. Apparently those bystanders didn't do anything about it is because in those societies whoever tries to help tend to become where the fingers point to. Puzzeling but has happened before.

    that still doesn't explain why she got ran over the second time...
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    Well, maybe the reason you can't believe people watch it is because it's so bad. I think the point remains: It's bad. How can so many drivers ignore what's going on without doing anything?
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    That really made me cry. :(

    How people can be so mean? Don't they have a heart inside them?
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    Re: What the heck is wrong with China?

    My wife's Chinese immigrant colleague told her it is not unusual to see newborns left alone to die in drainage and people get used to ignore it. She, herself had adopted a child from China who was found in a drainage after couple of days of her birth. According to her, not all such kids are illicit born. Some parents desire to have a boy child and due to the one child policy from the Government, they let the girl child to die. Very sad.
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    Re: What the heck is wrong with China?

    Its pretty messed up, but come on, it could happen in any other Asian country, African country, European country, the US, fricking anywhere in the world!!! Look at Spain for example, loads of babies delivered in Catholic hospitals by nuns were then taken away from their mothers and sold! the mothers were then shown a dead baby kept in a freezer as proof that their baby had died. Is that any less messed up?

    Mess up stuff happen everywhere! you just dont hear about it as much when its in your own country and you make excuses because you think your own people cannot be that cruel! well they can! Look at the Uk, a 19 year girl beat her own baby so badly he is now brain damaged for the rest of his life. Is that any less cruel?

    Stop picking on China and developing countries to make yourselves feel superior!
    and I'm not a fan of China?! What?! are you a fan of the world? We all live in the same world! stop feeling like some man-made boundries called countries are so divisive! There are no lines on the Earth except on maps!
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    Re: What the heck is wrong with China?

    what kind of sweeping statement is this?! one incidence is not a whole culture!
    and did you read the background on this? People in China are scared of being sued cos one guy who helped a fallen old lady got unjustly fined by the courts. Its a curent fear for some people. not a culture. Look at all the Chinese websites, the majority of blogers condemn the behaviour of all those passers-by, and I would say, having being in China, that the people are generally very helpful whether in the street or in shops, moreso than here in the UK. So don't taint a whole culture with one incidence like this without havng read up on it or learnt about the place!

    Its like pointing out some shooting in L.A. and then saying, I'm quaking in my boots cos America is the leading world power and people are so cruel there... it makes no fricking sense!
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    Re: What the heck is wrong with China?

    Seriously, what kind of racist thread is this?! one incidence and a whole country is wrong?!
    What, do people not get run over in any other country? do people not die in the street?
    Come on, a country with 1/7 of the world's population, you've got to expect some messed up stuff will happen there. Just like in the rest of the world.
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    Re: What the heck is wrong with China?

    This reminds me of the Kitty Genovese murder back in 1964. She was assaulted and left for dead. Everyone ignored her calls for help and the assailant returned and killed her. The surprise wasn't only the behavior of her neighbors, it was the behavior of the whole country. In other words, the fact that we were shocked by it and considered it aberant was in itself considered big news.
  20. Oct 19, 2011 #19
    Re: What the heck is wrong with China?

    I hate people who base their judgements about people on random stuff they happen to read about a culture from newspapers from their own country. What, do you think people in other countries are THAT different from you? thats how slavery and concentration camps start. Seriously, are you not human? are we not ALL human? are humans not a little messed up? Stop feeling so superior - you are no different to anyone else. One man does not make a country, one country does not make the world.
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    Re: What the heck is wrong with China?

    You might be right about some things, but don't underestimate cultural influence on a society. I am superior to someone who doesn't help a dying child. This is not the only source out there that China does not treat their people well. And when you treat your people inhumanely, you create a lower standard
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