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News China to aid in PeaceKeeping of Aghanistan .

  1. Jan 15, 2004 #1
    China to aid in PeaceKeeping of Aghanistan.....


    wtf? haha!
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    Sending 100 is symbolic (lots of countries have done that), sending 1 is a slap in the face.
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    Maybe he is really really good, a one man army.
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    jimmy p

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    probably the only willing soldier in the army, the rest are from national service so dont give a damn...!
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    Like leaving a quarter tip, isn't it? LOL
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    It is possible that it is just a slap, but there is another, more probable explanation.

    It states clearly that he has drug enforcement experience. He may be acting as a liason to counterparts in China. Western China actually does have a significant problem with opium based drugs and fundamentalist Muslim extremists. Afghanistan exports both.

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    Problem is, you get one Chinese officer and half an hour later you want another!

    Sounds somewhat plausable, but even for that purpose one would expect them to send a small task force, not a single individual. Perhaps they are using their childbirth phylosophy; each parent nation is allowed only one new Chinese person?
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    The way the game is played at this level, I suspect there are all kinds of coded messages in this one gesture, primarily for the Bush team.
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