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News China v America

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    obviously Any military buildup or weapons purchase is unpeaceful but the real question is if it is threatening and to whom. in this case the buildup seems to be vary nonthreatening to the usa since the chinese appear to be remarkably transparent about things

    from the article
    -"In talks Monday, Beijing agreed to higher-level military exchanges, which could help allay US concerns over China's military build-up, he said."

    -"China also replied positively to an invitation to participate with US forces in a multi-lateral military exercise in Thailand in May, he said."

    the americans knowing the weapons systems used by china effectively disarms china as a threat to american forces since american strategic planers can plan out how to most effectively counter china's military capabilities. however at the same time it is vary threatening to taiwan. the more clearly china can make it that all their new weapons would be ineffective at deterring american forces, the more clearly china makes it that the weapons are for the sole purpose of attacking taiwan.

    in the event taiwan formally declared independence and that china invaded, the americans would be left with a choice. either intervene and defend taiwan, which would be a blatant act of war against china, or they could do everything short of actually engage chinese forces which would accomplish almost nothing in preventing china from reestablishing control over taiwan. in both cases, it would be vary bad for the usa.

    by far the easiest solution to this would be for the americans to make sure taiwan doesn't up and declare independence.

    thats just my guess on it, that china is trying to make vary sure from every angle that taiwan won't declare independence
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