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China wants to raise the IQ of the next generation between 5-15 points

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    I find it surprising that China has found a way to measure intelligence! Let's kill all diversity and raise a new generation that are good at taking IQ tests.
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    jim mcnamara

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    One way to improve cognitive skills in a population:


    I believe China was on the list of places with an iodine deficiency back in the 1990's. Can't find the reference. If correct, it means lots of folks over there currently may have iodine deficiency induced issues. People with environmentally induced developmental disorders simply don't disappear instantly, nor does the root cause.

    Perhaps, if we dealt with basic stuff like iodine deficiency and similar problems first, we might not need help like that. Or even see the need for it.

    As a point of reference, Mentor Edit seems to be a less than unbaised source of information. My opinion. YMMV. Is this reported somewhere with a little less bias and a lot more science?
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    FastWing, we only use mainstream, valid news sources.
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