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China's economy

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    When was capitalism first introduced to communist china? I know that this was done by Deng in the 1970s, but i don't know when.

    Furthermore, can anyone find me a link that shows some type of statistic (preferably in chart or graph form) that displays China's low labour cost/unit relative to other countries such as the U.S and Japan? I've looked everywhere!!!!! This is for an economics essay I am writing regarding China's potential to become the world's economic superpower, and would just like some strong statistics to proev my point.

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    Be careful if your writing an essay. Note their dependancy on crude and manufactoring and their unstable government structure (i dont know if they have an unstable government, but 'communism' is rather unstable historically).
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    I know - i focusing on the fact that china has capitalist zones, abundant and cheap labour, and a consumer-based economy
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    Check out the CIA world fact book. It has useful information for every country in the world. As for finding statistics for cost/unit you will probably be hard pressed to find this stat for the national economies of the US, China, and Japan etc. since cost/unit is marginal cost-which is usually on discussed on a microeconomic level.
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    Late 1978.
    http://www.odci.gov/cia/publications/factbook/geos/ch.html [Broken]
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