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Chinese bridge jumper gets push from passer-by.

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    If you were a Chinese official in a position of authority, what would you have done regarding Mr Lai's actions? How would you have treated the situation?

    Basically, would you have had him arrested and charged or would you secretly (or perhaps even openly) support his actions and allow him to go free after having done commuters a massive favour?
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    I would have charged the man with murder personally. From other similar news reports I have read though the Chinese authorities are not very polite when it comes to the suicidal. I remember reading a story a long time ago about a man who climbed up a telephone pole (or some such thing) and threatened to jump but would neither jump nor come down. So the officers shot him down.
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    On hindsight, perhaps I should have included an important little detail:

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    Vanadium 50

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    What if this happened in a state with an assisted suicide law?
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    LOL! Well I say, I guess that makes quite the difference.
    And maybe I should have clicked the link.

    In that case it could be considered assault but I would probably not make such charges myself.
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    I loved Lai's actions :biggrin:
    But being a authority in these times, you have to see what people think otherwise you wouldn't be able to maintain your authority for long time.

    I really hate people who just pretend to be suicidal just for getting attention but never suicide (particularly those who try to interrupt any kind of public activities). They should either die or stop whining.
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    HAHAHA!!! That would make for some interesting legal manoeuvring I'm sure! :biggrin:
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    Not to be overlooked is that the pusher - Lai - was on his way to the hospital to pick up medication for his own mental condition apparently.

    With 2 crazies on a bridge anything could have happened.

    I'm thinking the jumper Chen won't be doing that again anytime too soon.

    Likely neither will Lai.
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    This is the best story ever. Good job crazy old chinaman!
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    funny twist with the assisted suicide question.

    If it happened here, I would expect assault causing bodily harm charges to be filed.
    Ya just can't go pushing people. Unless asked. :)
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