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News Chinese Smog

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    That is really alarming, mostly because it doesn't appear that anything will be done about it, and it will probably only get worse.
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    China is the largest consumer of coal.
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    High irony:

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    Yes the air is bad now, really bad. IIRC, they've had air days with particulate levels only seen in a forest fire here.

    But what is the evidence to support an assumption of worse future air pollution in China? Chinese coal consumption has finally started to decline, after gobbling half of the global coal total. China spent $103 billion on renewable energy in 2015 (new wind, solar, and mostly hydro). China has 20 nuclear reactors under construction, a new one coming online every three months (average) and 41 reactors planned. Chinese working age (16-59) population is declining, now decreasing at ~5 million per year. China has 200 million electric bicycles in use.
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    The Chinese could have been doing a lot about their smog problem all along. The current situation is self-inflicted.

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