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Chip EMI filter replacement

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    I have some chip emi filter capacitor type. Its parameters are size 0603 , 1000pF , tollerance +/-20%. I would like to replace it by filter of another vendor, with the difference of tollerance -20/+50%.
    As I'm understanding from attenuation characteristics chart, the replacement maybe even better, cause for +50% tollerance I will have a chance to get higher capacitance value and higher insertion loss.

    Is it correct?


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    Can you post a link to the datasheets? It takes more than a capacitor to make a filter -- what is the topology of the filter? A "T" or a "Pi" maybe? What is this tolerance on? Just the capacitor, or something else about the filter?
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    One of them is Murata, NFM18 series: http://search.murata.co.jp/Ceramy/CatalogAction.do?sHinnm=?&nbsp&sNHinnm=NFM18CC102R1C3&sNhin_key=NFM18CC102R1C3B&sLang=en&sParam=nfm18 [Broken]
    And the 2nd is SMI, SGM16-2A series:
    http://www.smied.co.jp/smi_english/product/noise2006.pdf [Broken]
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    Hmmm. So these are 3-terminal feed-through capacitors, with low/negligible series inductance. So to answer your original question, yes, the 2nd part should do as well or better than the muRata Erie part.

    The filter characteristic will depend on what other components you place in series with the feed-through capacitor.
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    Thanks a lot.
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