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Chladni plates/Cymatics

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    Hi all,

    I'm writing a simulation of Chladni plates in Max/MSP and hope to use it in granular synthesis. I have found two formulas on the web; square and circular plate. I understand the square but the circular is quite confusing as I'm not a mathematician and I need help breaking it down so I can compute it in Max/MSP. Can anyone shed some light on the following formula?.... :)

    "For a circular plate with radius R the solution is given in terms of polar coordinates (r,theta) by

    Jn(K r) (C1 cos(n theta) + C2 sin(n theta))

    Where Jn is the n'th order Bessel function. If the plate is fixed around the rim (eg: a drum) then K = Znm / R, Znm is the m'th zero of the n'th order Bessel function. The term "Znm r / R" means the Bessel function term goes to zero at the rim as required by the constraint of the rim being fixed."


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