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Medical Chloramine gas?

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    Hi, I wonder if you guys could help me.

    During the summer I used a mould spray on upvc windows which contained anionic surfactants with chlorine bleaching agents. I rinsed this off but it left a white film on the glass and so I used a household cleaner called Flash which has < 5 % Non-ionic surfactants, soap,Glutaral, Benzisothiazlinone, Perfume and Limonine.

    I also used the mould spray on plaster around the window frame and on the silicone mastic around the window frame.

    I rinsed this off with plain water and when it was dry I applied a PVA (acetate) sealer to the plaster around the window and along the mastic.

    A couple of weeks ago I went away for a few days and upon my return there was a very strong chemical smell in the rooms where I had used these products. It was so bad that the next day I rinsed all the windows again twice with plain water and then once with a bit of flash diluted in half a bucket of water and then rinsed everything again with plain water.

    I was affected by this as I had trouble breathing and had a burning sensation on my skin. I think I may have caused Chloramine gas as a result of the reaction of chemicals and would be grateful if you would be able to tell me what I can used to neutralize this as I have had to move out of my property as the fumes are affecting my health.

    I have been in touch with the manufacturers of the mould spray but they say there is no remedy to neutralize this reaction between these chemicals. I would be very grateful if you could help me to resolve this problem.

    Thank you.

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    Sorry, but we do not make recommendations when it concerns a person's health as we have no way of knowing what is happening. I recommend you see a doctor for your health problems, and contact your local environmental agency or poison control center for advice.

    Hope you get things resolved.
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    I am afraid I don't have much to add.

    I am not sure where the smell comes from. Whatever you put on the glass and PVC didn't stay there for long. The way I see it the only thing that can be possibly a source of the smell is the plaster and whatever it was soaked with.

    Good ventilation and patience are only things that come to mind (other than mechanically removing the plaster and replacing it with a new one).
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