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I Choas and conservation

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    I was reading a Steven Strogatz book and he said that the self similarity of fractals is a symmetry. Has any conservation law been linked to this type of symmetry using Noether's Theorem?
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    One needs to distinguish between physical symmetries and mathematical symmetries.

    Noether's Thm can be stated informally as:

    If a system has a continuous symmetry property, then there are corresponding quantities whose values are conserved in time.

    I haven't read the Strogatz book, but two questions that come to mind are:

    Is the purported symmetry in fractals a continuous symmetry?

    Is the purported symmetry in fractals a physical symmetry (really a perfect symmetry in a physical realization)?

    A lot of purported symmetries in physical systems are neither exact nor continuous.
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    Andy Resnick

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    This is at the edge of my understanding: scale invariance (self similarity) is associated with conformal symmetry:


    These are typically associated with phase transitions, but I think you can also generate a conserved energy-momentum tensor from this.
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    perfect, thanks
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