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Chocolate and confectionery

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    Hi I am a physics AS student who has to do a piece of coursework and give a presentation on a material. I have chosen to do chocolate and confectionery and I am wondering if any of you knew why toffee is so chewy and sticky? Also if you knew what the mechanical properties of chocolate or toffee were? If you dont know, do u know any websites that may help me with this. Thanks for all your help
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    Choclate has some interesting properties, for example when you eat it it causes an endothermic reaction your mouth (IIRC from the breaking of the bonds in the crystals of choclate). This is property of only one kind of the choclate crystals which randomly form when molten choclate is soldified so when choclate has to be made under special conditons and if you melt it and resoldif it you will not get that cool sensation whi8ch gives choclate much of it's appeal.
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    Hi there
    As an AS teacher, can I recommend that you do a more 'mainstream' material. Yes, chocolate can be interesting, but sadly the exam boards these days have a 'tick sheet' mentality and your presentation, no matter how well done, will be marked by a set criteria. It will be hard to fulfill these with your chosen topic..
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    Send your question to my brother Richard. He could probably give you an answer seeing that he is in the confectionary business, makes Toffee and also has a degree in food technology.

    His e-mail is:

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