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Chocolate overdose?

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    Is it possible to overdose on chocolate like it is possible to get alcohol poisoning? Some day I want to just go into a store, buy 1 or 2 of everything on the candy isle, and pig out :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: but i don't want to die
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    It can kill dogs, so why not birds?
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    You'd die of your stomach exploding before you'd die of poisoning from anything in the chocolate, unless it was laced.
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    n WHO WOULD DO THAT!!!! n
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    Yes it is possible to OD on chocolate. Well, technically it is an OD on sugar.

    Gert Fyllking of the Swedish radio station RIX FM carried out an experiment in live radio, where he tried to see if he could get drunk from enough chocolate containing liqueur (it was a part of a section that is called "ask us" where the listeners send in questions that they want an answer for and the crew finds the answers).

    Needless to say, he didn't succeed. After having devouered around 30 of them in a short period of time, he got so sick that he couldn't continue eating them.

    After the experiment they asked an M.D. about why this occured. The M.D. answered that after a while the human body gets a sugar shock and you basically can't eat more. This was becuase the blood-sugar level in your body is so high and since it was eaten during such a short time period the insulin couldn't counter much of it that you feel sick and is therefore unable to continue eating.

    I'd say that this qualifies as a form of poisioning, since it has simillarities to alcohol poisoning.

    So yes, you can have an OD by eating chocolate, but it must contain sugar and it must be consumed over a short period of time.

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    I bet you could hear that guy's pancreas screaming a mile away.
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    Well there's this article...
    http://www.uspressnews.com/articles/1104 [Broken]
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